Follow the adventures of The Victorians.... as they do bad, real bad.


Thieving brothers, Rey and Abba, haunted by the consequences of their sordid past. 

Alfi, the lovable but devious junkie who dreams of Spain.

Virgil, the reclusive sexual deviant masquerading as a spiritual guru. Faith, the dubious scarlet woman and her sadist brother,

Danny, who enjoys drugging and raping.... most anyone. 


We arrive with Joey, the cocky American who is robbed by the thieves and falls victim to the sadist; setting in motion a dark turn of events.

As the brother's are drawn into a power struggle with their old mentor, Danny, Faith and Rey are locked into a preternatural romance.

Playing both sides against the middle, the devious junkie positions himself as Abba's faithful sidekick. The sexual deviant befriends the cocky American, helping him along his journey of self discovery as the escalating feud between the thieves and their mentor, pushes one brother to the brink of his addictions and the other, right into the clutches of a sociopathic Faith.


As the identity of the thieves is discovered, the sexual deviant and the cocky American are closing in, The noose tightens around our band of misanthropes, and an unexpected pregnancy pushes Faith to deal the killing blow.            


A gritty modern day fairytale where fantasy meets reality in the city of Amsterdam.