Follow the adventures of The Victorians as they rape and pillage the tourists of Amsterdam...


Two thieving brothers haunted by the consequences of their sordid past. A lovable but devious junkie whose loyalty might snap at any moment. The reclusive sexual deviant masquerading as a spiritual guru. A sociopathic prostitute & her sadist brother Danny, who enjoys drugging and raping.... anyone. 


We arrive with Joey, the cocky American who is robbed by the brother's and falls prey to the sadist's charms. 

As the brother’s intimate relationship with Faith and her sadist brother is strained, the devious junkie positions himself as the faithful sidekick. The sexual deviant rescues the cocky American, helping him along his quest of self discovery, as the escalating feud between the thieves and the sadist, pushes one brother to the brink of his addictions, and the other, right into the clutches of his sociopathic girlfriend, Faith.

With the sexual deviant and the cocky American hot on the trail, the noose tightens around our band of misanthropes, leaving some to escape and other’s,

not so fortunate.


A gritty modern day fairytale where fantasy meets reality in the city of Amsterdam.

Coming Soon.....